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The James of 1830, with no children, was probably Perrin's son. He also
has no children in 1840.

> I found this difficult to read but think it is a sale of property for
> James Cooley in 1829.
> Since this is 1829, my guess is that it is the James Cooley married to
> Jane White that died that year. I cannot tell for certain just
> where this is, but there was a James Cooley living near John Cooley in
> Randolph County. I think this would be the John Cooley, son of Joseph.
> Which means brothers might be living near each other. The puzzle I have
> is who is the James Cooley living near John in 1830 if James Cooley died
> in 1829? Would his wife still have lived there and they used his name?
> I don't think any of us have figured out yet what James Cooley it was
> living in Randolph County in 1830?
> If James Cooley, born in NC died in Fayette, Howard County, that is not
> where this James and John Cooley lived. It might make more sense that
> James and Jane White Cooley stuck with Joseph's family but that is no
> guarantee because these families were all over three or four or more
> counties the first 25 years they were in Mo.
> The John Cooley I am referring to above is my GGGG Grandfather. In the
> same area lived Randolph White and some of his children, including Thomas
> Kirkland that married Jemima Cooley(James). Right there is a mixture of
> James and Joseph's children because John is son of Joseph and Jemima is
> daughter of James. They were all neighbors until early 1830s. Randolph
> White died in 1831 and then some of the kids moved into Macon County,
> early 30s. Jane White Cooley after this James died then married a Tuttle
> and she also moved into Macon County.
> Jane
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