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I believe I've mentioned John Clauss, a descendant of Thadeus Cooley of
Wythe county VA. He believes that Thadeus and Abraham (once of Surry
county NC) were brothers. This is the first of two recent emails I've
received from him. He puts forward a good case that the Reuben Cooley Sr
of Mercer and Jessamine counties KY was a son of Thadeus's. I'll send his
followup after this.

John is now on the list so that anyone who wants and correspond with him
through the list.

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Subject: Reuben Cooley from Jessamine Co, KY
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A note of interest. I saw a posting in your webite about Reuben Cooley
from Jessamine Co, and am now certain that the Reuben Cooley who died in
Jessamine County abt 1795 was Thadeus Cooley's eldest son. I have tax
lists from Wythe Co, VA, which show Reuben living with Thadeus in Wythe Co
in 1787, which place his birth around 1769. Reuben is also listed as a
witness to a will in Wythe Co in 1792. Then he dissapears from VA
records. He is reported to have married Mary Polly Martin abt 1793, and
they had Reuben Jr in 1794 in Kentucky, shortly before Reuben Sr died.
Those Cooleys have remained in Jessamine Co, KY for generations, or nearby
in KY. Thadeus had a daughter named Matilda, named in his 1814 will as
Matilda Stuart. Thadeus' son John, my line, had a wife named Martha
Snodgrass. Her brother John Snodgrass married a Matilda Stuart in Wythe
Co in 1818 - took me awhile to realize that this was Matilda Cooley who
was married previously to a Stuart, and was Thadeus' youngest daughter.
Mary Martin's father Benjamin moved to Jessamine County, KY by 1810. He
was from Orange Co, VA - not far from Wythe Co. Mary remarried in
Jessamine Co in 1801. Reuben Cooley Jr remained in Jessamine Co.

Now it all fits together. Reuben moved from Wythe Co, VA to Jessamine, KY
abt 1793, where they had son Reuben Jr. His wife Mary remarried Stephen
Walters in 1801 and remained in Jessamine KY. John Snograss and Matilda
Cooley moved to Jessamine, KY bet 1818 and 1820, likely to be near their
nephew Reuben. VA Tax lists show that John Cooley left Wythe Co abt
1822-23, and must have arrived in Fayette Co, IN by 1824. The Cooleys
likley met the Snodgrass' in Jessamine, KY c1823 and traveled together to
Fayette, IN, where John Snodgrass died bef 1834. The Cooleys traveled
along one of the famous pioneer routes, from Wythe, VA across mtns thru
Cumberland Gap into Kentucky. John Cooley and Martha Snodgrass took John
Snodgrass' daughter Margaret into their home after John died, and Margaret
was named in John Cooley's Last Will dated 1845 in La Porte Co, IN.



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