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Michael, is this message recently from Curt Mason or is it the message you found on the old Cooley list? This has a wealth of information on it including the fact that Randolph White and John Kirkland served together in Ky. under General George Rogers Clark. Just to remind everyone of the connection, Elizabeth White married John Cooley, son of Joseph and grandson of John Cooley, Sr.
Jane Wisdom
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Hi Jane,

I don't know. I'm forwarding your question to the list. Someone else may
know. I did find this post archived in the old John Cooley Mailing List.

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Subject: Cooley Cemetery, Mercer County, Ky
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I just found something refering to a Cooley cemetery in Mercer Co., Ky.
The person listed here is a brother to Margaret Kirkland that married
Randolph White. They were neighbors of John Cooley, Sr. You may remember
that four of Margaret Kirkland White's children married John Cooley, Sr.
descendants. If this Cemetery still exists, might find the date for the
death of John Cooley? Wife???
Jane Wisdom
  last update: 2001
  John KIRKLAND , SR. born 1753, Prince George County, Virginia, died 1838, Mercer County, Kentucky.
  NOTES: John Kirkland, born in Prince George County, Virginia, in 1753, served as a Private of Cav., Virginia Line, under Captains Theodoric Bland, Richard Call and Edward Jones at Dandridge, Virginia, Continental Troops, and also as an Indian spy under Captain Doherty on the frontier. He was paid a pensionfor
  his service on March 4, 1831, and March 30, 1833.
  Source:Tennessee DAR, "Membership Roster and Soldiers", p. 973 (1961),
  citing Burns, "Revolutionary War Soldiers in Kentucky Counties",
  p. 43. Married ? PORTER (635).
  last update: 2010
  Name: John Kirkland
  Sex: M
  Birth: 1754 in , Prince George County, VA 1
  Death: 27 JAN 1837 in Dixville, Mercer, Kentucky, USA 1
  Name: John Kirkland 1
  Birth: 1754 in , Prince George County, VA 1
  Death: 27 JAN 1837 in Dixville, Mercer, Kentucky, USA 1
  John Kirkland served in the Cavalry, Virginia Line, under Captains Theodoric Bland, Richard Call and Edward Jones at Dandridge, Virginia, Cont inental Troops, and also as an Indian spy under Captain Doherty on the frontier. He was paid a pension for his service on March 4, 1831, and March 30, 1833.
  The DAR Patriot index has John's death date as 1837, but Mercer County Court Order Book 'P' has the date as 1838. I believe the County record is more reliable.
  Of John's 7 sons (Joseph, William, John Jr., Isaac, Abraham, Jacob, and Alexander), William was listed in the Mercer County census for the years 1 810-1840 (he died sometime before 1842). In 1820, Joseph, John Jr., Is aac, & Abraham were listed. Only John Jr. of these 4 appeared in the 1830 census and beyond: Joseph died before 1830 and Jacob, Isaac & Abraham all moved to Missouri around 1823, right after Jacob married. Alex ander appeared as the head of household for the first time in the 1830 census of Mercer Co., but around 1833 he moved to Indiana.
  Note: John was assigned as the guardian for Elizabeth Tolly in 1801 (his wife Mary's baby sister????), and raised her (giving bond for her marriage to Christopher Vanarsdall in 1810). Then John Kirkland Jr. gave bond for her marriage to Samuel Huff in 1817.
  Marriage 1 MARY TOLLY b: BEF 1767
  Married: 14 MAY 1783 in , Lincoln, Kentucky
   William Kirkland b: ABT 1784 in , Mercer, Kentucky
   John Kirkland b: ABT 1790 in , Mercer, Kentucky
   Joseph Kirkland b: ABT 1791 in , Mercer, Kentucky
   NANCY KIRKLAND b: ABT 1792 in , Mercer, Kentucky
   Mary Kirkland b: ABT 1793 in , Mercer, Kentucky
   Jacob Kirkland b: ABT 1793 in , Mercer, Kentucky
   Alexander Kirkland b: ABT 1794 in , Mercer, Kentucky
   Abraham Kirkland b: ABT 1795 in , Mercer, Kentucky
   Isaac Kirkland b: 25 DEC 1796 in , Mercer, Kentucky
  Marriage 2 Porter b: BEF 1763 in , , , USA
  Note: DAR Patriot Index lists a wife named ? Porter.
  Married: BEF 1779
  Marriage 3 Barbara Walker
  Note: Bondsman: James Slaughter
  Married: 8 NOV 1810 in , Mercer, Kentucky
  Title: DAR Patriot Index
  Text: DAR Patriot Index
  Title: Mercer Co. Court Order Book 'P', p.407
  Text: Mercer Co. Court Order Book 'P', p.407
  last update: 2011
  Name: John KIRKLAND
  Sex: M
  Birth: ABT 1750 in Pennsylvania
  Death: 2 JUN 1831
  Burial: Nevada, Mercer, Kentucky
  Reference Number: Taf:1.136+29.2
  Change Date: 12 JUN 2010 at 17:53:13 1
  Marriage 1 Mary FOLLEY b: ABT 1754 in Pennsylvania
  Married: 14 MAY 1783 in Stanford, Lincoln, Kentucky
   Abraham KIRKLAND b: 1778 in Mercer Co., Ky
   Isaac KIRKLAND b: 1780 in Mercer Co., Ky
   Jacob KIRKLAND b: 1782 in Mercer Co., Ky
   William KIRKLAND b: 1784 in , Washington, , Kentucky
   Nancy KIRKLAND b: 1788 in Mercer Co. Ky.
   Mary Perline KIRKLAND b: ABT 1790 in , Mercer, Kentucky
   John KIRKLAND b: 1790 in , Mercer, Kentucky
   Joseph KIRKLAND b: 1791 in , Mercer, Ky
   Alexander KIRKLAND b: 1794 in , Mercer, Ky c: in Adel, Dallas, Iowa
   Hannah KIRKLAND b: ABT 1798 in , Mercer, Kentucky
  Southern Campaign American Revolution Pension Statements & Rosters
  Pension Application of John Kirkland S13634
  Transcribed and annotated by C. Leon Harris
  State of Kentucky } Mercer County viz } This day John Kirkland senr personally appeared in open court and made oath That he is now in the seventy ninth year of his age & that he was a revolutionary soldier, that in the spring of the year 1776 He enlisted in Capt Theodorick Bland company of dragoons of the 1 Virginia Regiment, and Capt Bland was afterward promoted st to be a Colonel of Dragoons 31 Mar 1777], that he enlisted for the term of two & a half years and faithfully served out his time, the s'd Bland being the Col and Richard Call his Captain, and I enlisted in Volandford[?] near Petersburgh in the State of Virginia. That he was in the Battle of Brandywine [11 Sep 1777], Germantown [4 Oct 1777] and Monmouth [28 Jun 1778] and several other skirmishes and that he faithfully served out his time and was honorably discharged in fall of the year 1778 in Winchester in the State of Virginia. That he is not a Pensioner of the United States neither has he ever been on the pension list and he hereby releases all other claims to a pension - he farther states that he again in the fall of the year 1779 He enlisted with Capt Edward Jones in Col Greens [John Green's] Regiment for the term of eighteen months and was detatched into several other Regiments of the continal line of Virginia Troops and He continued to serve as a faithful soldier in Capt Jones Company until the expiration of his time of enlistment when he was again honorably discharged at Rudgelys Mills [sic: Rugeley's Mill 12 mi N of Camden] in the state of South Carolina, being both enlistments a soldier of the Virginia Troops of the continental line. That I do not know of any person by whom I can prove my services except by strong circumstantial evidence He farther says that he has long since lost his discharges witness my hand this 6th day of July 1832 -
  John hisXmark Kirkland
  [Philip Board (pension application S14979) and John Bridges (S47819) deposed that after conversing with Kirkland they were convinced of his service. Charles Kirkland deposed that he had seen one of John Kirkland's discharges about 50 years previously.]
  State of Kentucky }
  Mercer County Viz } On this 4th day of February 1833 personally appeard in open court before the justices of the Mercer County court now sitting John Kirkland senr, 79 years of age a resident citizen of s'd county and state who being first sworn according to law makes oath to the following declaration for the purpose of obtaining a pension under the act of Congress passed the 7th day of of June 1832 viz I John Kirkland now seventy nine years of age a resident Citizen in the county of Mercer and State of Kentucky, do hereby declare that I entered the service of my country during the revolutionary war at the time and under the officers hereafter named In the spring of the year 1776 according to my recollection I enlisted in Capt Theodoric Blands company of of Light Dragoons for two years and a half at Petersburgh in the state of Virginia and we first marched to Williamsbugh [sic: Williamsburg] where we were stationed and were employd with Capt Dandridges [Alexander Spotswood Dandridge's] company in collecting provisions and on occasional excursions in the neighborhood as a guard, and late in the fall we were marchd to the North and met the Prisoners taken by Genl Washington at Princeton [3 Jan 1777] between Philadelphia and Trenton - and at Trenton we Halted some time and thence joined Lord Sterling [sic: William Alexander, Lord Stirling] at Basking ridge and Morristown, and soon after Capt Bland was promoted to be a Major and then Colonel of our Corps, and then Captn Richd Call was my captain the whole time as well as I now can recollect, and when the Brittish returnd from New Brunswick in Jersey, we took possession of the place and I was also in Elizabeth town and at Newark and had several skirmishes with small parties of the enemy, and when the Brittish sailed round for the Delaware, we returned and were stationed at different places above Philadelphia and when the British advanced on that place my Regiment with the main army met them at Brandywine where we had a severe battle, which lasted until near night, and as well as I now recollect Genl Stephens [Adam Stephen's] Brigade first gave way and we then retreated back, and were stationed not far from Germantown and not long after I was engaged in that Battle, which was a very warm one for a short time, and after this my company retired to Morris town where we continued making excursions during the winter and spring, and in June when the Brittish left Philadelphia we were ordered to pursue them and at Monmouth we had another severe Battle with them, Genl Lee Brought[?] in the Battle but Genl Washington had to come up and [illegible word; see endnote] some unfortunate order which [Gen. Charles] Lee had given My company had a severe conflict for a short time - after this Battle, I was marched to the White Plains where I remained until my time was near expiring in the fall 1778 when I was marchd back to Winchester in Virginia when I was honorably discharged, which discharge I have long since lost or mislaid; after this Period I was in the Militia service twelve months but do not consider it important now to give a full statement as I was in the Regular army as dragoon two years and six months, first under Capt Bland and then under him as a Colonel during the short time - I further state that I have no documentary evidence of my age or services having long since lost them. I also state that I was born in the county of Prince George in the State of Virginia and was raised in Dunwiddie [sic: Dinwiddie] county where I resided when the war commenced, and I enlisted in Petersburgh Virginia, I was an enlisted soldier in Col Blands Regiment of Dragoons, being a volunteer & not a drafted soldier. I do not know now of any person alive by whom I can prove my services except by imputation - after the revolutionary war was nearly over in the fall 1781 after Cornwallis was captured [19 Oct] at which time I was in the militia service in Carolina I removed to Kentucky now Mercer County where I performed several militia tours and guard as an Indian Spy, and was also with Gen'l [George Rogers] Clark then marched against the Indians on the Big Miami in the fall 1782 in Capt Dohertys [possibly John Dougherty's] company. I farther hereby relinquish all claim which I may have to any pension from the united states except the present or any other annuity, Witness my hand this 4 th February 1832 [sic]
  John hisXmark Kirkland
  A size roll compiled at Chesterfield Courthouse after 1 Sep 1780 includes the following: Jn'o. Kirkland/ age 25/ height 5 6/ farmer/ born and residing in Prince George/ dark-brown hair/ hazel eyes/ fair complexion/ enlisted 11 Sep 1780 for 18 months.
  At the Battle of Monmouth Gen. Washington had to countermand Gen. Lee's orders to retreat.
  On 29 Mar 1853 John Kirkland, Jr. assigned power of attorney to obtain any benefits due for the service of his father, who died in the fall of 1837.

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