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Don't know if this helps but I saw this in the REEDER-L archives. Maybe
Judy has some new info?

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Dear Lists,
This couple is one of my last brick walls. I have a Abraham Cooley, b.
abt 1750, England, died between 1816-1820 in Grayson Co., Va. He married
abt. 1769/1773 in Carroll Co.,Va. He married a Sarah Reeder, b. abt.
1752, Carroll Co.,Va. ????
In one book I got on interlibrary loan the only thing it says is that
Sarah Reeder was possibly a young French girl.
This is all I know of this couple and I assume the dates are within
the ballpark but places are questionable. I
I have Abraham Cooley's father as a Peter Cooley, b. England, came to
America on the ship Planter in 1745/6 and settled in Frederick
Co.,(Winchester) Va.
Abraham and Sarah also had a son named Peter, b. 1781 (1775-85) in
Grayson Co.,Va. and he married a Mary Hanks, 1806, Grayson Co.,Va.
Can anyone help me on these two people??? Sarah Reeder has been the
elusive one and any ideas on how to trace her or figure out where she
came from????
Thanks in advance,
Judy (Alias <>)

On 11/28/2011 6:33 AM, Michael Cooley wrote:
> This is what I have so far. There are a small number of deaths here for
> the 1990s. Perhaps some of them have sons living.
> -Michael
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