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I haven't been able to get on Heritage Quest, which I rely on for census
and Revolutionary pension records, for at least three days. If this is
real--that William Matthews Cooley was the son of Sarah Cooley (with
unknown father)--and not just the result of someone's overactive
imagination, there may be a document somewhere that names "Sarah Cooley'
with a inference that she was related to the Matthews. It appears that at
least two of the Surry county NC Matthews served in the Revolution: James
Jr and his brother Mussendine Matthews. Can it be that she is mentioned in
pension records? Does anyone have access to them? Their father, James,
apparently died c1770 in Guilford co NC, might have named "Sarah Cooley"
in a deed or will. Any ideas?

> That's very encouraging. It means that someone has placed Sarah Cooley in
> Surry/Stokes county. Is there an email address associated with that tree?
> The link I included shows the data I was looking at.
>> Michael, not certain what you are looking for but I found one family
>> tree
>> on
>> Ancestry that lists Sarah Matthews as marrying either Abraham Cooley or
>> John
>> S. Cooley. It also lists one son for them named William Matthews
>> Cooley.
>> Not enough information to really confirm parents, dates, etc.
>> Jane Wisdom
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>>> There may not be anything to do this, but on the other hand...
>>> Son James Matthews married in Rowan co NC. His brother, William, may be
>>> the same of the name in Surry co NC. He's named in a 1786 will with
>>> Richard Goode. Look at who their sister Sarah married.
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