Mail list issues

From: Michael Cooley <>
Date: Fri, 14 Oct 2011 14:05:24 -0700

Some of you are receiving blank messages. I believe the message contents
are probably there but that there may be some missing header information
that your email client depends on to properly display the contents.

Email headers contain information such as the date, subject, sender and
recipient, as well as information about the form that the data takes; for
example: HTML, plain text, 8-bit or 7-bit, and what kind of attachments
might be present--jpeg or pdf, for instance. With that information, the
email software you use makes decisions about how to display the data. Some
packages are pretty good at faking if the contents so not conform to the
headers. Others will simply bomb.

My script rewrites some of the headers so as to allow emails to be sent to
the list--and adds a header or two. Some headers are dropped as being not
needed. I'm convinced I'm dropping something that some clients need and
I'm confident I know how to fix it. But I'm right in the middle of
mid-terms and have little available time. So, in the interim, I'd like to
suggest this:

Virtually every email client provides these three choices:

-Send as plain text only
-Send as HTML only
-Send both plain and HTML

Where you find the choices will depend on what package you're using. In
squirrel mail, I find it under "Options."

Sending your message as plain text should fix the problem until I have
time to fix it. Please contact me if you have questions,

Thanks, guys, for your patience. And thanks for your posts and responses!
I think we're making headway on a lot of important Cooley issues. I, for
one, still have some conversations-starters to post. Don't feel shy. :)

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