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I DO have this somewhere but I couldn't find it when I wanted it a few
days ago. Thanks, Gloria! M.P.H. Bailey is John Calvin Bailey's
younger brother and, I reckon, a sort of "in-law" to E.C. They could
have very well been friends, too, from before Elizabeth married J.C.B.
Circumstantial, perhaps, but I believe it help to prove a close
relationship between her and E.C. Whether they were truly siblings or
merely cousins remains to be resolved.

As far as Nancy A. Nippen goes, I've corresponded with a woman who
believes she is a descendant of hers and the impression we both had was
that Nancy was a mess. Though I haven't yet found the proof, I'm
willing to make a Las Vegas wager that she had LOTS of children, before
AND after E.C. Though I haven't found anything in the way of a divorce,
the marriage was relatively short (20 Apr 1855 to some time before his
second marriage on 10 July 1858.) We were trying to determine if her
great ( great great?) grandfather was a product of their union. I know
she had sent me some documents she found at the Dickson County
archives. I will dig them up and present any worth investigating here.

I think it's also noteworthy that O.L. Von Schmittou was the Justice of
the Peace for this marriage. E.C.'s second wife, Mary A. Lewis, is
O.L.V.S's niece. Mary and her family are just a few doors down from
James and Martha in the 1850 Census, and E.C. and Mary are sandwiched by
Lewises and Schmittous in the 1860. Even Nancy and her brood are living
next door to Mary's "stepgrandma," Sylveria Schmittou. Like the Baileys
and the Waynicks, these families were closely aligned. Mary's parents
and siblings are found, not coincidentally, in Christian County in 1870,
along with E.C., Milo and Martha a.k.a. Polly.

One last nugget: From Dickson County Marriages 1859-1875: Oatis Story
and Mary Cooley 13 Mar 1859 Nesbitt A. F. (JP) J.C. Bailey (witness)

But who on earth is this? R.C. Cooley and Wm. Bush 08 Aug 1864 Von
Schmittou, O.L. (JP) H.M. Seals (witness)

Could this be the second marriage for Rebecca Underwood, Milo Cooley's
first wife?


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