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We now know that William Matthews Cooley is of the clan. If you saw the
messages, you're aware there's a big puzzle with Jim Cooley's ancestor,
John Cooley (m Martha Bearden). However, he is an exact match to the WMC
descendant. Could be. In any event, he is of the clan.

Another mystery is the match for a descendant of Perrin C Cooley. He was
born in MO in 1820. He lists his father as being born in KY, which
eliminates Perrin Cooley Sr as his father. Perrin Jr is too young (b
c1813) and was born in MO, probably a couple of years after his father
emigrated. I think it's understandable that I have Perrin C listed as the
son of "Unknown Cooley," son of Perrin Sr, but he could go elsewhere.

Judging from the early pension records, Perrin had a large family but, so
far as I know, not a single bit of genealogical proof has been found for
any of his children. Those that are attributed to him seem to go to him
only because they do not fit anywhere else.

James Cooley (1797-1850+) appears to be one but no children are attributed
to him. Besides, it's likely he was born in NC.

John Cooley (1802-1860+) m Elizabeth is another. He was also born in NC.
(John and sons Perrin James and Reuben appear to have gone to KY c1806.)

William C Cooley (1819-1902) m Frances Elizabeth Andrews may be another
son of Perrin's sons but he was only a year older than Perrin C.

If Perrin did go to KY in 1806 -and- he had a son born soon after his
arrival -and- Perrin C's father -was- born in KY, then his father could
have been no older than 16.

Could Perrin C have belonged to someone else? James's sons were named in
his estate records but no Perrin. Joseph's sons are named. Again, no

Demarquis (James, John) was probably old enough but we have no idea where
he was born. No children have been attributed to him.

James Cooley (1796-c1829) m? Jane White could have been born in KY (his
father Joseph went there in the 1790s) but the only sons known have been
his were another Demarquis and Henry, both died young.

Not knowing where Joseph was at the birth of John Cooley (1793-1844) m
Elizabeth White, he might have been born in KY. But his sons are also

Isaac C -could- have been born in KY.

I'm stumped. Perrin C's descendant is an exact match to descendants of
James (-1821). It's possible Perrin Sr had an unrecorded son who has
slipped through the cracks. It's also possible that Perrin C was
illegitimate and not recognized as an heir.

Any clues, anyone?

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