Was John Cooley the only one of his clan in America?

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Was John Cooley the only one of his clan in America?

We don't know yet. Of the ten or so who have tested as matches to John,
most can be shown to be either descended from him or likely to have been.
But descendants of few Cooleys of 18th century NC and VA have tested.

Y-DNA has shown that the John Cooley of Halifax county NC is not related
to John. Andrew Cooley (c1784) of Orange county NC and Grayson county VA
is of yet another clan. But there's a long list of other Cooleys of the
region for whom we have no tests results.

Here are the lines I'm trying to track. Those with a red star have had at
least one descendant test:


These include John Cooley of Franklin county NC, James Cooley and Penelope
Gargus and several others. If descendants of any of them test "positively"
then there is a chance that we can take John's line back further.

Those who have looked at the Surry county Cooleys know that an Abraham
Cooley was there for a few years in the 1780s. Someone somewhere at
sometime said that he was there to visit relatives. But nothing has shown
up to verify that. DNA can tell us once and or for all whether Abraham was
related to John. A match would be stunning and would force us to
reconsider John's family, since only two of his children (James and
Reuben) are proven through genealogical means.

Personally, I think John was a "lone wolf," but I've been proven wrong
before. If any of you know a male Cooley from Abraham's line, I urge you
to talk to them about testing--or refer him to me!

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